Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can't Stop This Thing We Started

Some things have been on my mind and I'm assuming more will pop up as I write these ones down.

- At least once a day my boss asks me if I'm coherent before he starts explaining something to me. My 3 month review is at the end of this month. I wonder if I'll be coherent for all of that.

- I worry that I'm not the woman Shayne thinks I am. He sees all the best in me and sometimes I think to myself "I can't live up to this woman you see in me".

- Every time I read Kristy's blog it makes me want to write again. I wish I could write in a way that inspires others to sit down and pen random thoughts.

- I never want to live a life where I don't enjoy driving around late at night listening to alternative rock from the 90's.

- When I have kids and they move away from home, I will call them at least once a week. I never want my kids to miss me the way I miss my Mom.

- I like going to the gym because it's still a luxury. It's still "me time".

- Sometimes I think my farts are unnaturally loud.

- I wish I could be in a reproduction of Hairspray - I would only accept the role of Tracey.


Tongues of said...

a) I can hear your farts from here.

b) Wow...that's such a compliment and so surprising because I feel like I put no effort into my blog and don't write as well as I could but...thanks dude!

Greg said...

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Sandra said...

1) I aspire to be even half the woman you are!
2) Not even Tracey could play the part of Tracey like you could!!!