Friday, February 24, 2006

Now, Ode to Meeks was a very very funny email, however, I hope to more than TOP it with this - my ...

Ode to Yonez!!!

Now this little gem is apparently named Yonez. If Kiki was a small, rabbit toothed swedish girl, I imagine she would look like this.

This guy's name is Yonez. I believe that Kiki and this gentleman are meant to be together. Wouldn't you agree?

I can't decide what this is. The caption reads "Independant As Fox", so I guess we are to make up our own minds. Is it an asian man in a fox suit? Is it what has been missing from my life? All I know - it's name is Yonez.

What could this company possibly do?! "Yonezu - We're Groovin' - For YOU"

Ah, my favourite Yonez of all. A bunch of asian people, standing in front of a nice car. It's like being outside the tailors in Regina. .

That's all for now, but it was all for you Yonez, Honez, Meekerson Jonez.

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