Thursday, February 23, 2006

So, I am really just creating this blog to pass some of the time during my day, such as lunch hour etc. And so I can post ridiculous comments in Kiki's blog. I always swore I would never have a blog, but it seems inevitable. People love to ramble on about things no one else would ever care about - unless they too, are in on the jokes or were there for the stories. I say no more! I am going to commit to only posting stuff in my blog that is relevant, things that will challenge, encourage and affirm. And, of course, the odd random rant about work or other things that catch my attention.

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KiKi said...

Chicken monkey shoes?
I feel that if a monkey were to wear shoes made out of chicken, it would bleed to death after trying to chew off it's own feet.

first of all, that is the most horrific image that is also completely hilarious!! haha! Yeah whatever hating up on the blog, only relevant stuff....MEEKS LAND IS RELEVANT! haha, im just kidding! I love you so much and im glad you now have a blog I can leave random stuff on! yay!