Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Job, New Apartment, New Joy

Right now I'm at work. I'm sitting in the kitchen, waiting for my 3rd batch of cookies to be done. I know - how very "Suzy Homemaker" of me. But don't worry - I'm sure I'll burn something soon. Since returning to Canada, I've noticed my life take a brand new shape. It's fuller - more ... rounded. That's right, my life is now fat.

I've started a new job and I love it. I work at a Private Care Home for Seniors and it' s probably the best job I've ever had. I work 11pm-7am, 5 days a week. Basically while the residents are sleeping, I check on them, back them cookies/cakes/pies etc and watch t.v. (or peruse Facebook when Kiki lets me bring her laptop to work). My boss is this beautiful eccentric woman who truly loves what she does - she makes this fun. She really cares about her staff too - she lets us wash our scrubs at work, have our friends come over to help us bake and she tells us she loves us. Yes, my life is so hard.

I am also moving from Shelley's into an apartment with Muss. I can't believe the day is finally here that Muss and I will actually be living together. It's exciting for a thousand different reasons but really - we just can't believe we're actually going to do it. We've paid a deposit so there's no turning back now. There's just so much to do!

I'm working a lot right now - 17 hours a day to be exact. So when I'm not working, I am sleeping blissfully in Shelley's basement and trying to squeeze in time with my girls. It's hard not seeing them whenever I want, but I can't help but remind myself - "It will be worth it on payday!"

So that's it for right now, I am just learning to be mature with money, trying to re-establish myself in my church and my family and ... well ... learning to strive for more.

Is this what growing up feels like? ... Huh ....

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Sandra said...

yes jenny bean, this is what growing up feels like!!! it's a scary and wonderful feeling all at once! i'm glad that you are happy where you are right now! you rock the hiz-ouse!

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