Monday, September 29, 2008

I Don't Think You Can Handle This

Where did the weekend go? All I remember is a frenzy of moving - unpacked boxes, bed frames, bruised shins, suitcases, Lysol Wipes and laundry baskets. Oh, and a haircut. Oy.

Monday has descended upon me like a giant fist, squashing me into the ground like a cartoon character as I try to frantically waddle to safety. Dramatic? I'd say so. I've got so much work to do before month end (tomorrow) that it seems a little hopeless. Yet, I perservere.

I finally announced the first meeting of "Every Avenue" - Thursday, Oct 9th. Wow. I started thinking of holding a youth prayer/worship night back in Ireland and now it's actually coming to fruition. So scary and so exciting. And so much responsibility.

I'm trying so hard to plan a road trip to Medicine Hat before it snows - the girls are desperate to go but getting us all together and co-ordinated is quite the chore. We'll see how it goes but I've got a pregnant sister to visit! Becks, I'm on my way!

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KiKi said...

I love you- dont be stressed- you will get it all done, you always do!!!