Friday, February 16, 2007

Ah, last night was great. We did indeed watch the last episode of the SOIH and it was great. We ordered pizza and laughed and had a great night together. Andrea has been at her live-in Nanny job for the past couple days and is coming "home" for the weekend, so we are all delighted. It's strange, even though she only arrived a couple weeks ago, she fit into our home/traditions so easily that it was weird when she wasn't around for a couple days!

By the way, you may have noticed that I now know how to "link" things in posts - I would just like to express how excited I am about this development. I am not exactly blogger savvy, so stuff like this marks a big achievement for me.

This morning I actually woke up on time, got out of bed to turn on the hot water (yes, it's high tech back here in caveman times) and then got up again at 6am to shower. To understand why this is remarkable, you need to understand my morning routine - and it is as follows.

5:30am - Alarm goes off reminding me to get up and "turn on the water" which basically means I flick a switch in the living room that heats the water in the boiler. I then promptly return to bed for another "half an hour" (there's a reason that's in quotes)

6:00am - Alarm trills again - at this point I should jump out of bed, full of joy and start my day. Or at the very least I should GET UP. But no, I turn off the alarm, reassuring myself that I will get up at 6:15 when the next alarm sounds.

6:15am - Alarm again, I roll over and turn it off.

6:30am - By this time I had better get up or I won't have time to shower. But I don't. Apparently I don't care about personal hygiene. "It can wait" I tell myself when in fact, it probably can't and it definitely shouldn't wait.

6:45am - Another alarm and I am panicked. I'm thinking to myself "Why didn't I get up?! Now I can't shower ... and ugh, I need to shower" But somehow, for some reason, I go back to sleep.

7:00am - The final alarm, there are no more after this. I open my eyes and try to steady myself despite the waves of panic that are washing over me "Ok, ok I can do this, I'll just get up right now and get ready and make sure I have a bath tonight. Ok, I'm getting up right now!" Zzzzzzz...

Oh I know, the sheer audacity of it. After torturing myself all morning and not showering, I still don't get up. And this isn't a one time thing - this is 3 or 4 times a week! So this morning it went like this:

5:30am - Alarm goes off, I get up and turn on the hot water and crawl back into bed.

6:00am - Alarm again. I get up, turn off all other alarms and go shower.

There was so much time left in the morning that I ate breakfast, joked around with Kiki, brushed my hair and teeth and sifted thru my c.d's - as well as the usual shower/makeup/hair fiasco. It was so good, I think I may do it again ... some day.

This weekend should be good. Andrea, Tash, Kiki and I are going to head out to the amazing Chinese food place we discovered while shopping a few weeks ago. It's kind of a belated Valentine's day thing so we are going to have a nice meal and just have a laugh. Another excitement piece of info: Jenny at my work happens to be incredibly giving and lovely and offered to download and burn the next season of the SOIH for us. She's already started on it but thinks it will take around 3 weeks to get them all! I don't care, I'll wait a lifetime if it means I get too see even more drama unfold. I am going to pay her but don't know what a reasonable price would be. Suggestions?

Have a great weekend everyone and I will try to post some pictures on Monday.

More than Well,

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Muss said...

You are completely ridiculous. We really need to arrange to have a seething cougar fall on top of you first thing in the morning. It would certainly wake you up and with a few new scratches to boot!