Monday, February 19, 2007

So, here's some pictures of what's been going on lately (you can find the same pics and maybe more on the Jortosh Ireland blog by clicking here )

Isn't our partially demolished bathroom just LOVELY?? This was a couple days into the work. That whole area used to be covered in mould ... needless to say the chipped away paint is a vast improvement.

Just a different angle of the work being done on the bathroom.

This was after the rebuild had been started. The beautiful white tiles were being put up and the bathroom was becoming more liveable.

Isn't it so pretty?!

The tiles were held apart by MATCHES!! Before they filled in the cracks with that white stuff, they had to hold the tiles up somehow and, because this is Dublin, they used matches... Wow.

My beautiful Kiki and Tasha

Konrad and Ania!! So CUTE!

Tasha and I (I don't look like me ...)

Tasha, Kiki and I outside our lovely Dublin flat. You can't really see US or the flat but it's the best we can do.

2 of our favourite girls!! Yes, they're wearing roller blades and standing on the window sill. And we can't let them in the house, so they're hanging through Tasha's bedroom window ...

Some of Dublin's fabulous grafitti

Making smoothies on New Years!!

A great picture Tash took when she and Andrea went out of town

Andrea and I on her birthday!! Look how pretty she is!

Kiki and I (for some reason I terrify myself when looking at this picture! What's going on with my hair?!)

That's all I've got for now! I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our lives!!

More than Well,

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