Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I'm working today and a few of the girls in my office have received flowers, candy and in one case, Valentine's plants. I don't know but apparently horticulture is the new jewellery. In any case, I need to make something clear. I don't hate Valentine's Day because I'm single. I hate it because I just don't see the need for it. I hated it when I was with Mike too - I got presents and it was lovely but just because I like presents! The loveliness had nothing to do with the day itself! Every year I boycott Valentine's and I get lumped into the "bitter single girl" category when really, I'm the "poor missionary girl" who just doesn't want to wander around Tesco looking for candy in the shape of hearts to give to my flat mates. I LIKE being single for the record.

Anyways, Kiki and I had "Canada Day" yesterday!! We both took the day off work (paid!) and spent the whole day in the Liffey Valley Shopping Center! This place was amazing! They had a Pizza Hut right in the mall! So, of course we went there for lunch! And then we wandered around, indulged in Pic'n'Mix and gazed at all the fascinating items we couldn't afford to buy! At one point a woman accosted me and offered me beautiful smelling hand lotion - which I accepted and while I was applying it, she took my hand and said "I can see that your nails are very dry, may I show you a treatment?" At this point I looked at my fingernails and looked back up at her in surprise. Kiki had given me a french manicure the night before and the top coat made my nails look like they had been dipped in oil! They looked anything BUT dry! They looked shellacked! I kindly declined and made a break for the exit.

We then went to see "Music and Lyrics" and it was disappointing. Hugh Grant redeemed himself by dancing A LOT but nothing could help Drew Barrymore. We still had a great time though because there was an entire Ben and Jerry's ice cream bar in the movie theater!! It was beautiful - Canada seriously needs to get in on that.

That's about all for right now as, once again, I need to get back to work. But Happy V-Day for those of you that celebrate it - and for those that don't - just remember - there's a reason Cupid rhymes with Stupid.

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