Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Its snowing right now ... and as those big white flakes settle onto the ground I find myself pondering "WHY THE HECK IS IT SNOWING IN DUBLIN !?!" I left Canada for many reasons, but one of the most prominent reasons was to escape the snow. Clearly that's working out well.

So last night we spent like 2 hours trying to watch ONE episode of "Show that I can't name for fear of intense humiliation" (herein referred to as SOIH or Show of Intense Humiliation). The episodes are about 45 minutes long but we had to keep stopping it to instruct the very blessed individual in our house. THE MOULD GUY. Just to avoid any confusion, this is not a man made of mould, or even a man who enjoys mould, he's the man who chipped the paint and stone off of our bathroom walls as they were covered in mould. The mould looked something like this:

As disgusted as I know you are, multiply that by a thousand and you have one tenth of our disgust each and every time we would use the bathroom. It was awful. It was in the shower, all around the window and sink, all over the wall ... *shudder*. By the way, just to put your minds and hearts at ease, that's not a picture of our bathroom - it's just the closest thing to it that I could find online. So anyways, he spent a good couple hours chipping away at the wall and this Saturday he is coming to TILE THE BATHROOM!! So, praise God, no more mould! There are also rumours that our toilet and bathtub may get fixed but I don't think my mind could comprehend that much glory.

That's all for now. Keep an eye out in the next couple days as I will be adding pictures and info about what's going on in the house - as well as the much anticipated pictures of our demolished bathroom.

More than well,

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