Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's raining. A LOT.

Even though Dublin is known for its unpredictable weather, it still surprises me every time it changes so drastically that I break out into a cold sweat. Honestly, the weather makes me very nervous. Example: This morning I left the house very happy because it was Canada weather. No, not snow but CHINOOK WEATHER! One of my favourite things in this world is Chinook Weather. When it's all warm and windy and of course, it was overcast too! I got to the train station in a great mood. However, as soon as I sat down here at work, it started POURING and then came the gale force winds!! Trash cans were being strewn about in the wake of this storm and ambulances were rushing down to the marina - I can only imagine what happened down there!! So, now it is steadily raining and the wind hasn't let up one bit so it's miserable outside. In about 20 minutes I will have to venture outside for lunch and I gotta be honest, eating my own foot is looking to be a better option right now.

3 Things I Love About Dublin:

1) The sea. My train runs along the beach and every morning I just stare out at it's vast expanse and think "God that looks cold..."

2) My skin and hair. Due to all the moisture in the air, my hair gets soft and shiny and my skin is no longer dry and dull. Dublin, you're making me pretty and I like that.

3) Pizza night. Well, pizza nights. Once a week (sometimes 3 or 4 times a week) we order pizza and lounge together on the couch watching movies or the SOIH. The pizza isn't great but it's always so hot and convenient when it arrives at the door.

3 Things I Hate About Dublin:

1) Garbage. It's all over the streets and it's really gross.

2) Dog poo. It's not illegal to leave it laying all over so everyone does. It's like dodging land mines when you go for a walk. You have a headache by the time you get where you're going because of all the concentrating on not stepping in it.

3) Paying for bin tags. I seriously resent having to pay €2.75 a BAG when we need to have our rubbish collected. I think it's ridiculous. It's like they're punishing you for throwing things out. And, if you don't want to pay then you just dump it on the street. Thus #1.

Anyways, feel free to reply with your own 3 Loves/Hates about wherever you are.

Time for lunch! Into the wild winds I go ...

More than Well,

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