Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Grad, Some Sand and 2 Great Videos

My beautiful Muss graduated yesterday from cooking school - or as I like to call it "Preparation For When Jen and Muss Live Together" school. I am so lucky - my best friend is a CHEF and we're going to reside under one roof in a frenzy of Little Britain and gourmet food with names I can't pronounce. Does life get any better than this?! I submit that it does not! So, I couldn't make it back for the graduation but felt like I was there cause I sent her a beautiful dress ... so at least I was kind of there.

Here's a link to her walking across the stage - she's so hot I could just spit:

Today we went to the beach out at Greystones and had a fabulous time. Tasha and I stood at the water's edge and decided we would brave the frigid waters just to say we swam in the Irish Sea. Yeah. Never. Again. It was bloody freezing. Honestly, my body hurt from being so cold and the waves just took us out. We were standing there one moment laughing at how cold we were and the next moment we were being flung around like cheap rag dolls. The Irish Sea abused me. Quite literally. I now have a love/hate relationship with water so salty that it burned my retinas and permanently ingrained sand in my ass. Love ... but mostly hate.

Finally, I found this video quite by chance today and I am bursting with pride. I never talk to this boy and I missed his EP release but this video makes me feel like I was there. At least for one song. So check out the video and head on over to to show some love for the biggest talent to ever hit Regina. That's right - EVER.

Go watch the movie:

More than Proud,

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