Monday, April 02, 2007

Remember Me? Monday

That's it?! The weekend was like 2 minutes long! I'm back at work and clearly enjoying myself. I got two great emails today! One was from a girl I knew in Highschool whom I completely adored - she wanted to know what I was up to etc. It was cute - I'm glad she's doing well. And the other was from my friend Hilary!!! She's all married and stuff now!! My goodness. She's living in Korea with her HUSBAND. Man, I think it's been ... like 6 years?? Maybe more? Anyways, she's lovely and so funny and I've never forgotten her - I was thinking about her last week and now she emailed me - I must be just a little psychic. I am going to use my newfound powers to play the ponies tonight. Look out world!
Anyways, welcome back to my life Hilary and girl from highschool! Here's a tribute to you Hil:

The crazy French guys next door had a huge party on Saturday night and Kiki had to storm outside at half 4am to stop them from playing "trash can drums". Apparently she hurtled out of bed, threw on her shoes, flung open the door and just stared until they slinked back inside. Atta girl Keek, I've taught you well. Early morning rage seems to be an all too common occurence around our place. Usually I am the one terrifying the neighbours. It was nice to have a break.

There's not a lot to say as it's only Monday and nothing great has happened to me yet. I am looking for a fancy outfit to wear in case I ever have to go to a wedding or something. Dublin is totally the place to get nice clothes cause they're relatively cheap and most have that sophisticated European look. Anyways, this is what I want - except with black pants. I think it's just gorgeous but I can't be trusted with anything white, so I immediately opted for the black pants. And, of course, I hate my arms so I will be wearing some form of black sweater or shawl or something with it. Yeah, like I will ever have an excuse to buy this outfit. Muss and I are confirmed bachelor-ettes for the rest of our days and Kiki is never allowed to get married. Looks like Tina is my best bet but she hangs out with me too much - I scare all the guys away with my intimidating protective vibe (I so wish I was as scary as I claim to be).

Anyhoo, that's about all I have for today. I know like 3 people read my blog and I just feel the need to apologize to you. I never have anything good to say on Mondays ... ever. But maybe tonight on the way home I'll get mugged or run over or something. And then LOOK OUT! I will inform the HECK out of you.

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