Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bah ... This Is The Day That Outright Refuses To End ...

I don't get it. I don't. I know in my mind that physically this day MUST end some time - yet the clock taunts me. It seems to gloat "Look Jen, look it's only 4:02pm! That means you have an hour and a half left but I, the keeper of time, am going to stretch it out to 700 hours of pure, unadulterated torture. Just FYI". I hate clocks. They're always telling me how late I am.
I was thinking today that I should get a watch. But why?? So I can carry this torture around with me at all times?!

Random concern for today:

Sometimes I worry that I'm pregnant. This is a completely irrational fear for many reasons - 3 of which being:

1) I'm on the pill (not to prevent pregnancy but to regulate my hormones)

2) You can't get pregnant when you're not having "relations" and haven't had "relations" in a long time.

3) At this time (until the Lord heals me), it isn't possible for me to get pregnant. Cysts and all that.

But I have yet to suss out why exactly this fear presents itself at least once every couple months! I am well aware of all the above factors that are preventing this from happening, but I still get this sudden rush of panic whenever I crave something weird or feel weird things going on in my tummy - my first thought isn't "Oh my goodness, maybe I've got stomach flu"! It's always "I hope I'm not pregnant..." Isn't that weird. I feel like a total creep.

Anyways, two posts in one day is blinding evidence of how bored I am. Oh my GOSH! It's only 4:11pm! I have been to the bathroom, eaten 2 pieces of gum, and written this update all since 4:02. Something weird is going on here.

More than Suspicious,

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Muss said...

I'm kind of curious where you found a picture of the devil clock. It is very amusing. Your days will only get longer love in anticipation of seeing the girls and Tina in early fall. Time will fly and before you know it you lot will be together again.

P.S I'm sorry I haven't updated my blog in forever. I've been horrendously busy...