Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday - uncomfortably nicknamed "Hump Day". It's just me and the Boss in the office today - and thank the Lord that He answers prayers. I was pleading with Him last night that it would be quiet today and lo and behold - it's dead today. Very quiet and the Boss is in a great mood. I've got lots to do but having one of those days where I can't seem to get it together long enough to do any real work. So, I had a dream about Muss last night. Lord knows I miss her like nothing else, but this dream just made it worse!!

I was in the airport in Regina and coming down the escalator - and she came into view. She looked so beautiful - with a huge smile on her face and a bouquet of flowers (not in a romantic way - they were just lovely FRIEND flowers) - so of course as soon as I saw her I started crying, relief flooding through me. "I'm home" I thought "She's 'home' to me". So this was all lovely and poetic until I decided that I couldn't wait until the escalator reached the bottom where Muss was waiting - so I shoved every single person in front of me out of my way and threw myself to the bottom of the escalator! The people I shoved were falling over the sides and onto the hard linoleum below - it was so graphic and violent!! But I eventually got to Muss and she hugged me and laughed. Just like old times.

Moral of this story? No one stands between me and my Muss.

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Muss said...

Aw you guy! Who's to say that's not a reality? That I won't be there with daisies and a package of mini eggs looking ecstatically happy to see you? It'll happen...