Monday, March 05, 2007

What a strange weekend. Kiki and I shared the delight of a sick day on Thusday and Friday last week. So, essentially, we had a 4 day weekend! It was great but long enough that I am now disoriented by being back at work! It was nice to spend the weekend with the girls though. We went to ThunderRoad Cafe on Friday and O'Shea's Bar and Restaurant on Saturday. O'Shea's featured live Irish music, so Andrea was delighted. It was cool to spend the night doing something authentically Irish. The music was great and we got to see a lovely old man "Irish jigging" it all around the pub. As the Irish say, "It was great craic"

Aside from all of that gallavanting it was a fairly uneventful but lovely weekend. We 3 girls spent last night huddled in the living room planning our next few months. Tasha printed out calendars for us and we co-ordinated family/friends visiting as well as personal trips we are taking. The plan is to hit Greece some time in August for a few days. A weekend won't be enough time but Kiki and Tash are heading back to Canada at the end of August so we don't have a lot of time to work with. It's shaping up to be a very very busy Spring and Summer. So we are excited to really tuck in and get our hands dirty (literally) with the kids.

That's all for my formal update - but stay tuned for little "bits" of amusing info and undoubtedly, some ranting.
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